About  Craig:

Craig is a qualified Horticulturist of 40 years experience and has grown his own food traditionally and organically over this period. Craig works in Melbourne with not-for-profit organisations and businesses to deliver workshops on self-sufficiency and the important message of eating healthy food raised without chemicals.

Craig is the President of the Werribee Park Heritage Orchard which is being restored with his guidance.

Craig has often been on 'Vasili's Garden to Kitchen' show teaching us how to graft and care for fruit trees. Craig is also a cheese maker, an apiarist, and has worked as an educator for the Gordon Institute.

In 2015 Craig was awarded the Environment & Sustainability Award with Wyndham City Council’s Volunteer Awards due to his significant contribution to the Heritage Orchard and teaching the Karen community at Werribee Park.

Craig is also the Author of a new book called 'Edible Gardens: A Practical Guide' and loves talking to people about how to set up their own garden.
 He has a positive outlook and believes people can easily learn to consider the future of food more carefully to make healthier and more sustainable choices.

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