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Edible Gardens - A Practical Guide by Craig Castree


Craig Castree has often been on Vasili's Garden to Kitchen show teaching you how to graft and care for fruit trees. Now Craig is set to release his first book, Edible Gardens: A Practical Guide


In Edible Gardens: A Practical Guide, you'll learn why you should steer away from the traditional vegetable garden modelled on a market garden with its rows of plants which encourgages pests and diseases, and why you should be growing an edible garden, using the principles of companion planting for a more productive and healthier garden.


With plenty of tips on growing vegetables, fruit and herbs, as well as information on how to care for your garden the organic way, Edible Gardens: A Practical Guide by Craig Castree will make you re-think the way you grow your own food.


As Craig says, if you're not not growing your own food, you're letting someone else decide what goes in your mouth!



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