Bee Hives, honey and pollination

A while ago I heard about a company that was supplying people Bee hives for free and giving them honey for allowing the company some space on their land for the hive.  They were populating the roof tops of city building and restaurants etc, so I got in touch to put my hand up but unfortunately where I live was too far so I then embarked on finding someone that was doing the same thing closer to me, but could not find anyone. I remember thinking what a great concept and I am sure others would love to get involved in this because you don't need to become a bee-keeper nor spend heaps on equipment etc, you get great pollination on your fruit trees and vegetables and in return you get left some honey free of charge, how good is that!

Well some 2 years later I have become a bee keeper, and have found a fantastic mentor along with a mate whom will join me in potentially putting together a similar scenario as I was inspired by initially in our local area, so early days yet but we now have four hives up and running with more to come.  In time we will be asking you if you would like to participate like I wanted to when I first heard about it, only this time it can happen provided you live locally to me.  I will keep you posted on the progress and publish info and videos here, so make sure you check in often to see whats going on. 

Here is the initial video of the swarm being put into our first hive, please enjoy.

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