Imagine being able to walk out of your front and back door and pick herbs, seasonal vegetables and fruits. Imagine your roof is used to harvest the rain, that feeds your garden. Imagine you are living a sustainable existence and feel great. You won't have to shop at the supermarket. You can eat produce that smells and tastes alive, is fresh and nutritious and has been grown by you. 

If you need a hand to work out how that can be achieved, then I can provide an on-site consultation over 1-1.5 hours. From there you can decided what work you are willing to go ahead with. Often it is done in stages, as not all the plants and trees and tanks etc go in during the same season.

It is remarkable how much you can fit into small spaces and still deliver a very productive beautiful edible garden.

Why not regain some control over your food and feel invigorated by what you grow.

Please contact me for a consultation at your place.

sustainability conservation gardening edible plants