Services we offer:


Pruning of roses and fruit trees is a specialty of mine. I can prune your roses and fruit trees to ensure that they flourish the following year. Often people struggle with pruning and get it terribly wrong which ultimately sets what they have pruned back for up to two years before the bush or tree recovers properly. Take the stress out of it. I will show you how to do it, so you can do it yourself next year.

Pest and disease diagnosis and solution:

When you have a fruit tree that has yellowing leaves, or little black bumps, or when you have die back occurring and you just don't know why, I can assist with the diagnosis and treatment of these problems. I can freely answer your query via email if possible, but if you need some more support, I will come out to your property. I'll teach you what's the solution to the problem.


Transform your garden or new home into an edible oasis.  I can design and deliver on all types of landscaping projects to support your growing garden. I can also advise a planting schedule to assist you and your family or community organisation with great healthy fruit trees, edible herbs and vegetables. Please contact me with your enquiry 

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